individualconsultation Pricing

Our pricing is as follows:

  • Initial consultation (2 hours) - $350.
  • Subsequent consultations if required - $175 / hour. 

Fees are payable prior to commencement of the consultation. A 10% discount applies for bookings made for three or more consultations. 

What you receive:

  • We start with understanding in detail (prior to the consultation) the issues you are experiencing and your objectives.
  • We work with you and your dog, explain to you why the behaviour is occurring and show you a range of options to improve it.(structured into a program if necessary) 
  • We give you the skills to continue training after the consultation(s).
  • Ongoing  email or phone follow up for those problems addressed as part of the consultation(s).

Complex behaviour issues aren't resolved via a quick-fix, despite the many such claims. How long a behaviour takes to modify depends on a number of factors. Our approach from the first consultation is to give you the information you need to continue to work on the issue while still having access to us. So you may need only one consultation or you may prefer more. We endeavour to give you as much choice as possible.

Credit cards, cash and cheques are accepted.