Giving your puppy the best chance to GROW UP CONFIDENT AND RELAXED

Many dogs develop behavioural issues, including fear and aggression, because they missed out on early socialisation. Sadly, many dogs are surrendered to pounds and shelters because the owners didn't understand what was necessary for their puppy and then have up when the problem behaviours started once adolescence kicked in. If you work with us early on to prevent these problems much effort and heartache can be avoided.

"A puppy isolated early in life from other puppies or humans will no only fail to establish satisfying social contact with conspecifics or enjoy companionship with people later in life (such puppies are extremely fearful of any social contact), they will also exhibit widespread behavioural and cognitive disabilities as well." (Steven R Lindsay, Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training)

If your puppy is properly socialised, ideally well before 16 weeks of age he / she will have the best chance of developing into a relaxed, confident and happy dog. Best of all, these traits will be carried into maturity. This is why a training program must commence as soon as a new puppy is bought home. 

When will a dog start to show problem behaviours due to inadequate socialisation? Unfortunately not until after the critical period when it's too late to easily fix. So prevention is the best approach.

At Superdog Behaviour and Training we can provide all the help needed to do the right things and avoid the commonpitfalls with raising a new puppy.

If your dog missed the 16 week socialisation window already, it's not a lost cause, but your job in developing a relaxed, confident dog may be harder. We can help - but there's no time to lose. Behaviour issues tend not to resolve themselves - they get worse without appropriate intervention. It's much easier to resolve undesirable behaviours when they are just beginning, rather than when they become worse!

We encourage you to contact our team with any questions you may have.